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Dreams come true

Often in listening to people, and living my own life, there are dots along the timeline of common themes. Recently, I’ve notice a flurry of similar words and emotions about dreams… not the teaching dreams of meditative sleep, but the wishes and hopes people have held on to, sometimes for decades.

Let me just state this for the record: I believe in dreams. Good dreams very often do come true. Blame it on faith, or focus, the subconscious, resonant vibrations, a merciful Universe, God, kismet, Joy, good karma or the power of holding an idea with a loving intent…  Whatever your belief system, there is ample evidence that an idea Lovingly held and actively embraced can take tangible shape in physical reality. (musical encouragement provided at the bottom of this page)
People don’t often complain about that.

What does cause discomfort are the dreams that don’t or haven’t yet come true. Often times, I find dreams aren’t happening because people are holding “intent” or creating fantasies for others.
In a freewill Universe, making plans for who or how someone else should be is bound to meet with dissatisfaction. 

Folks become angry, frustrated, hurt, sad, annoyed and disappointed because other beings don’t fulfill their imaginary role in the dreamer’s fantasies.

Parents, children, employers, employees, clients, friends, lovers, relatives, “leaders” in all shapes and sizes will fail to follow any script we create for them. Good for them!

If one sees one’s source of happiness in controlling others,
then life experiences cannot help but be disappointing. And hooray for that!
Our disappointments are often signposts lovingly directing us back to here now within.

If we are feeling upset about someone else refusing to follow our script, it’s time to STOP!
Step back.
See the situation objectively.

Dreams do come true. It happens all the time.
The dream seeds that Life has given each of us for our selves are still stored up inside waiting for our nurturing care.  When we focus on and fuss about others, we rob ourselves of joy. Each of us has dream seeds. They may have been buried under a numbing lethargic layer of television or alcohol or shoved in some dark corner while we busied ourselves being busy, but the dreams are still there. Waiting.

Perhaps you may never be a Hollywood icon, but you can lend your talents to the local community theatre. Maybe you’re not a billionaire, but you can still contribute to the good of the world. Perhaps you may not have a biological child of your own in this incarnation, but there is no shortage of children who need love. Any one of them would appreciate a kind heart and a listening ear.

My point is this: Dreams don’t really die, they just get squashed under piles of BS.
I have been privileged to be with many people as they prepared to leave their bodies. People in the end stages of life often wish they would have given their inner dreams more attention. I have yet to hear anyone say they wished they would have spent more time trying to control other people.

Release other people to live their lives, their way. Then you can truly live YOUR life.

So, what are your dreams?

What dreams have you shoved aside for that mythical “later?”

Here’s how to free yourself from the sadness of the anger-blame game, and
revive your dreams:

+ Make a list of dreams – for yourself – you have harbored since childhood or teenage years.

+ Now, for each dream (or the top dream, or however you feel led to do this,) ask,
   What is the essence of this dream?
    Behind the image / situation / daydream, what is the feeling you desire? 

Most dreams come down to a few core desires:

to Love,
to be at Peace,
to create,
to be happy.

It’s pretty simple, really.

It’s just when we get all up in our heads about how and when and where
and WHO (< No. Just no. No no no no no!)
that we squash our hearts, and dam the flow of Life.

I encourage you to make time for your Self today
                                (and every day. Start with 15 minutes. Just do it.)
Identify the core essence of your dreams.
Remove ALL other people, animals, plants, gods, aliens, etc. from your fantasies of what others “should ” do.
Bring your attention to You, today, having an incarnation.
Here. Now. Within.
Just YOU.

What can YOU do to Love, to create, to be at Peace, to choose to be happy, today?

What if someday is now?

What if you already have everything you need to begin?

What can you do right now to begin to create and allow more of the essence of Life in your life?


 To your daily authentic emergence,

:-) Eileen Lighthawk    +

PS – If you walk in Love, and if you’re willing to invest in yourself and your dreams, and if you would sincerely like me to be your spiritual creativity coach, send me a letter and tell me a little about yourself.     +

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Nice analogy

Listening to Mooji this morning. He shared a great little analogy re: religions, methods, techniques, systems, etc.

A child learns to stand by pulling themselves up on whatever is available – a chair, a table, a doorknob, mother’s skirt, a fence, a tree… whatever is handy.  





A child learns to walk by letting go. 



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Global meditation for Peace, August 8th


Come join your love with millions of others to help create a better tomorrow.
Details are  here: Transformaginal.com


:-)  Eileen


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Happy New You!

Happy New Year! 

In my tradition, sunrise July 26th marks the beginning of the next phase of life.

It’s an invitation and an opportunity to be more of the Real You on Earth.

As part of my own ritual, I spend time each July 24th letting go, and mining the past. This year seemed to be about mining the whole past, taking a long view, getting the gifts and then letting the stories go. It’s been an enriching process, and one I encourage you to undertake in your own way.

Make a timeline of birth to now
noting joys, miracles, happy surprises and other coolnesses along the way.
Honor your growth.
Think less in terms of pieces of paper (certificates, etc.) and more in terms of inner celebrations.

Some of our best moments may happen alone, unobserved, documented only by our hearts.
What are your personal “Wahoo!”s?
Make a list of triumphs and delights that may mean nothing to anyone but yourself.
What joys you, matters.

What joys us is a clue.

In Western society, there is a lot of emphasis on goals and goal achievement. What I have observed is that far too often, goals are inherited and influenced. People weary themselves striving to achieve something their heart just doesn’t care about; folks grow dull trying to please and appease, emulate, imitate or impress relatives, friends and imaginary audiences.

If you keep the old ways and today marks a new beginning for you,
please be genuine as you choose your intentions.
This world needs YOU, not some frustrating lackluster idea of who you “should” be.

 One of my favorite exploratory questions is: 

Who would you be if you had amnesia?

I love that question! I teach it. I write about it. I use it for myself. I use it with my clients.
I share it with friends. I even put it in my new book.

  “Who would you be if you had amnesia?”

If you didn’t have all those old stories,
if you didn’t have an inner autobiography,
if you had no one to bless or blame or forgive, no handicaps to overcome…

if you are just You, Now,

who will you be?

I believe that at the core of your being, You are far more beautiful than any role or story or mask.
I believe that each of us, beneath the stories, is a unique, refracted pattern of radiant Light.
Today is an invitation to live more fully from that deeper Truth.

As we set our energies into forward gear,
it’s so much more joyful to be steering our lives from the inside out.
If you are tuned in and moving in newness today,
I heartfully encourage you to set your intention to Be in Divine Flow.

More than any thing you may do, the gift of your True Be-ing will bless us all.

Who are you, really?

What do you choose, now?

What is just one way you can allow more of your True Self to shine through now?

I wish you increasing JOY in the adventure of Life on Planet Earth!

:-)   Eileen Lighthawk

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