Creative Harvesting

Happy October! I hope you’re feeling inundated with bushels of blessings!

Here’s some of what’s going on with me:
Over at, the Creative AmPowerment adventure is in full swing! This is a step-by-step daily journey that takes people from “I got nuthin” to “Look what I created!” in
just 15 minutes a day for 42 Transformaginal days.
Like any guide, I’m not just facilitating this journey, I’m making the trek myself. And MY! what an adventure it is! Lots of insights and a-ha’s already, and we’re just in the early stages.
You can still get in on the action. To learn more, read the  Creative AmPowerment summary  and / or read this post at
If you want more individualized attention, go to the Transformaginal store and give yourself and your dreams the gift of private creativity coaching.

October 4th marks a time of bringing our inner and outer worlds into balance. Use this natural flow to your advantage.
Also, there’s a lunar eclipse October 18th to enjoy.

I am honored to be included in a new book
published by Julie Ann Turner entitled, “Sparks of Genius.”
Julie Ann’s book launches October 24th. More about that as the launch date approaches.

Speaking of books, my Creative AmPowerment ebook with audios will be available in early November.

Remember to tune in to the Wholeness Wave on Monday Morning! It’s a gift of Love every Monday morning for anyone who chooses to receive.

Here’s another little gift to help increase your Joy:
Take a sheet of paper. Fold it in half lengthwise / vertically / make 2 columns
On one side write: This adds to my life force.
On the other side write: This is tiring, draining or depleting.
Observe yourself. Take notes. List not only actions and inactions but also thoughts and ingestions (words, images, sounds and substances your feed yourself.)
It’s a simple, but profound way to gain clarity and increase your Joy.
Try it! And if you feel inspired, share your insights with me.

Blessings and giggles!

;-)   Eileen Lighthawk


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